Over the 20 last years we have been specifying exclusive cinema systems for both personal home and professional screening / post production use. In this time, we have gained an unrivaled network of professionals to work with us, all specialists in their respected fields. Our team includes specialist Electricians, Aerial High Level Installers, Home Network, ISF & THX vision calibrators and also fully trained Acousticians. Our aim is to fully integrate your chosen system into your home with as little fuss and disruption as humanly possible, while managing these different areas and professionals to create and culminate in, astonishing cinemas that truly bring cinema home.

After an initial site meeting we work with a 3D designer to create your room in 3 dimensions. Once this work is completed 3D rendering is added into the room along with the specific equipment you wish to use, effectively enabling you take a virtual tour around the finished system. As this is to scale, it gives customers an invaluable tool for general room design and aesthetic purposes particularly with regards placement of electronics and decoration. These designs can be colour accurate to the final decoration requirements. These plans including accurate colour and measurements can then be distributed between the installation team so an exact plan is followed to the letter. The effect of this is completing the job once, correctly, on time and on budget.

We can take on any size of project from a basic installation of a projector and screen into a living room to renovating or even building an entire room to incorporate a cinema. Feel free to visit us with plans, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss all options open to you.

Daniel Bland - Manager