Big enough to cope, small enough to care.

We really love our movies. As genuine fans of movies, we want to see them re-created as you would see and hear them in a real cinema or screening room. With experience, knowledge and accurate advice, this can be done on most, if not all budgets.

For newcomers to home cinema, we aim to create a spectacular movie experience. We can take your empty spare room, garage conversion or existing living room and turn it into your very own custom specified cinema. This cinema can be fully integrated, and can all be controlled from one hand held source. This means that the whole family can easily enjoy the benefits with little fuss, complication or disruption to the living space.

If you are an existing home cinema aficionado and are just looking for advice or an upgrade, give us a call or drop us an email. We are well placed to advise on the best route for an upgrade based on your existing kit and listening preferences. We will give you easy to understand reasoning and solutions to get the best from your system, plus offering industry leading trade in values should you not wish to sell your old equipment privately.

We have cutting edge expertise in video streaming from computer networks or directly from the internet. While a relatively new phenomenon we can advise on the advantages and pitfalls of this quickly moving technology ranging from Kaleidescape, Apple 4KTV & NVIDIA Shield to PC based streaming options like OpenElec and KODI. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of room optimisation and specialise in DIRAC, Anthem Room Correction and Trinnov Room Optimisation.

We can offer the services of a qualified ISF video calibrator to maximise the performance of your television or cinema projector. This can make a colossal difference to the image you see on the screen, and can really put your cinema system on a par with the image seen in a professional screening room or multiplex.

Out-with our main passion for cinema, we also offer simple solutions for enjoyment of music throughout the home with discreet speaker placement within the house and garden. We are a subsidiary of our parent company Hi-Fi Corner which is the longest established Hi-Fi shop in Scotland. So, if you are also looking for a high-resolution stereo system as part of a project, we can also help specify a suitable music system for some critical listening.

When it comes to business, we are proud to call ourselves professionals within our chosen industry. It is our full time job and has been for over 20 years. We don’t work from the front room of our house or the driver’s seat of a white van, we are a proper bricks and mortar business with offices and real demonstration facilities. We deal with all the major brands in the marketplace and have in depth, hands on experience of all of the products we sell.

As with some small businesses, we don’t suggest that our range is “small” because we “hand pick” brands to sell. This is essentially poor marketing speak for a narrow product portfolio, range and ultimately knowledge.

In summary, we are fiercely independent, give honest accurate advice with no flannel, have a massive range of products, offer vast demonstration facilities over 4 sites and have over two decades of practical industry knowledge.

This all combines to give you the complete buying and after sales experience, with integrity and most importantly, a big smile.

Dan Bland - Manager