A couple of days ago I was invited to be a guest of Pulse Cinemas to experience their facility in Essex. After an early start and an interesting journey and landing with Ryan Air, we finally arrived at the fantastic facility early doors, and raring to go. We firstly listened to their small room which is about the size of an average garage conversion. Kitted out with Procella Speakers and Datasat Electronics in quite a dampened room I thought, the system sounded fiery and definitely woke me up! We then moved to the larger premium room with Triad speakers and Datasat Electronics. Both rooms were frankly superb, and a very different sound to what I experienced at JBL with their Synthesis system some weeks ago. Equally as good, with each having their different accent to the sound which let’s face it, if you know what you are doing can be tailored to fit a listeners preference. The larger room was a proper cinema experience, with phenomenal amounts of bass that just seemed to keep going on and on and on. Both very impressive, but the best was yet to come.

Later in the day we were surprised with a visit to David Crozier’s cinema. David worked in the motion picture business for decades, capturing sound and dialogue from actors in his role as a production sound mixer. Recipient of four British Academy (BAFTA) nominations and winner of an Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Motion Pictures award for Finding Neverland, David was and is the real deal as it were when it comes to sound. Basically, if anyone knows sound and knows the motion picture industry, David does. Responsible for sound on films like Harry Potter and Mission Impossible, his CV is long and strong. Now retired and teaching his passion, he is still on the judging board for BAFTA and as he proudly put it uses his cinema “every night of the week”. David’s cinema has been updated somewhat since the article was written for the Procella website, and now features Procella Speakers in an Auro 3D Configuration with 18” subwoofers, Datasat RS20i Processor & Power Amplifiers, Screen Research Multi Aspect Projection Screen, Oppo BDP-105D, Kaleidescape and a Runco 1080p Projector. Simply put, the sound from David’s cinema was staggeringly clear and dynamic and while being at reference level (possibly louder at points) was an utter joy to listen to. The best cinema I have ever heard without question. Interestingly this affirmed my own preference on how to correctly set-up a cinema, somewhat confirmed by David’s professional ears and own preference which we discussed for most of the day and over an evening meal.

Our second day consisted of Datasat RS20i training and a tour around the old DTS facility which is now Datasat HQ in the UK. Treated to a visit inside the cutting room, cinema and projection booth; we got to see behind the scenes of somewhere where a serious amount of Hollywood’s golden audio was mixed and produced. We were also given access to “the vault” before it was moved to the USA. This houses every master copy of DTS audio that was mixed there, and included the Bourne Films and Star Wars to name but a few, a real treat and a proper goose bumps moment for me.

My overriding feeling from the visit and the Datasat RS20i is that it is a magnificent piece of engineering, and a fantastic sounding cinema processor. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to a potential buyer, the surprise of the visit for me was David’s Procella speakers. Not a brand I have spent much time dwelling on in the past, but something I am defiantly looking at in the future and also one I would heartily recommend. I must extended a big thanks to Pulse for having us, but particularly to David Crozier who is one of the nicest men you will ever meet and the most knowledgeable film professional I will probably have the pleasure to talk to.

Should you wish to hear what a Datasat RS20i can really do, we currently have a unit available for demonstration in Edinburgh and would love to let you have a listen.