04/11/15 - News Update

It has been a while since we had a quick news round-up so here we go.

We have recently decided to take on well-respected subwoofer manufacturer Velodyne and have been putting a few of their subwoofers through their paces. Initial results particularly with the SPL-1200 Ultra are very promising and they will be a welcome addition to perhaps one of the best ranges of subwoofers in the country. We really are the place for BASS! Velodyne’s products will start making their way onto the website as I get time to add them on.

The new Arcam AVR amplifiers have finally landed although in small numbers. Arcam have always had the best core sound of any receiver in our opinion so with the addition of class leading room correction in the form of DIRAC the future looks rosy. Both the AVR550 and the AVR850 are available for demonstration upon request. The jury is still out on a dedicated pre amplifier but I would be surprised if they didn’t eventually end up doing one, time will tell.

Pre-orders are well on their way to being sold out on the new Anthem AV range. We will be offering our normal generous trade in values for any existing Anthem owners looking to upgrade again this year to the new MRX520, MRX720, MRX1120 or AVM60 and this will be advertised at launch for those wanting to take advantage.

Yamaha have officially re-launched their wireless MusicCast system and we have a Trio pack on display in the show room for those looking at a convincing alternative to Sonos.

Finally we have launched our Winter Sale on the 1st December. While the deals are killer all year round at The Movie Rooms, we have sourced some exclusive deals for this month. I aim to add a product a day until the New Year on this page so let’s see how far we get! Some of the deals are very limited so grab them while you can.

Dan - Manager