We have been a bit quiet of late on the site as we have been covering for some of our colleagues who are on holiday. In that time, we have had delivery of the new Arcam AVR550 and AVR850, the new Anthem MRX520, MRX720 & MRX1120. Notable is the MRX1120 in being it is one of a few integrated amplifiers to be able to run 7.2.4 speakers in an Atmos configuration internally.

I have also tested a couple of other amplifiers at home, one being the Marantz SR7010 which was quite fantastic. The highlight being the 4K video scaler which quite frankly did a stunning job on all of my sources. The only thing holding it back was the Audyssey XT32 room EQ which in my opinion is best turned off.

We are also taking on another subwoofer brand, Sumiko. Not widely renowned but noted for being closely related to Sonus Faber (need we say more). We will have demonstration units shortly.

Trinnov have been busy and they have released a matching power amplifier to adorn their Altitude 32 processor. Named the Amplitude, currently the unit comes in a Black finish and will set you back a cool £10,600.