Marantz will launch some brand-new models in the coming months. We should see the new 9 Channel SR7012 featuring on board processing for 11.2 channels. It also includes a 192kHz/32bit digital to analogue converter block with Clock Jitter Reducer for a more precise, pure and high-quality sound. They will also launch a replacement for the AV7703, predictably named the AV7704. We should see both models within the next few weeks. Excitingly we will also see a new premium model in the for of the SR8012, Marantz’s 11 channel single box AVR which should be with us for Christmas going by reports. This looks to have had a complete re-design and promises a lot. We will have an SR8012 on demonstration and for review as soon as we can get our hands on one.

MARANTZ SR7012 - Pre Order

MARANTZ SR8012 - Pre Order

MARANTZ AV7704 - Pre Order