Absolutely nothing to do with Commander Bond’s least favourite secret criminal organization, SPEKTOR is a new affordable range of DALI speakers, engineered to the high standards you expect from your favourite Danish brand, and designed to complement the existing PICO and ZENSOR offerings.

The new range will comprise four bass-reflex models at launch, all being available in either black ash or walnut. The baby of the range is the £159 SPEKTOR 1, boasting a 4.5in wood-fibre bass driver married to a 21mm soft dome tweeter.

SPEKTOR 2 (£199) ups the ante by incorporating a 5.25in woofer married to a more capable 25mm soft dome tweeter in a slightly larger cabinet. Topping the range is the £499 SPEKTOR 6, a beautifully proportioned floor stander with two 6.5in woofers partnered with the same 25mm soft dome tweeter.

Last but not least, there’s the all-important centre-speaker model, the £169 SPEKTOR VOKAL. Boasting a pair of the 4.25in bass drivers used in the SPEKTOR 1, allied to the larger 25mm tweeter from the SPEKTOR 6, the VOKAL will deliver outstanding clarity as well as superb dispersion.