High variable frame rate upto 120fps is coming with HDMI 2.1 at sometime in the future and while its relevance will be most prevalent for games, film directors have also been toying with it in recent years. The Hobbit was released in the cinema to mixed reviews at limited HFR screenings, but did you know you can experience HFR if you have a normal 18GBS rated 4K system?

If you buy the film "Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk" on 4K UHD BD, this is currently the only film encoded at 60fps, 4K. This will work on a normal 4K 60hz 18GPS system and will give you a taste of the effect of this ultra smooth, high resolution image. Its effect has split viewers but there is no doubt with its 4K capture, 4K DI and HFR, this film offers the best picture available on a hard copy disk so far released, by a long distance. It is also the only film to offer full 18GPS down the HDMI cable making it a perfect torture test for systems and cable infrastructure with long runs.

This will win no awards for the film itself, and buying it is somewhat akin to audiophiles who only listen to really well produced music on their high end hifi, but as a technical achievement within the current HDMI 2.0 structure it is unique so is well worthy of a mention.