Things have been a little quiet on the site and Facebook page with a few big projects taking up a lot of our time. We are back with a bang though, and can announce we are now partners with Cineversum projectors and can now supply the "Blackwing" series.

Cineversum have been designing high quality projectors for over 20 years and are renowned for adapting the most advanced technologies of the professional cinema industry into projectors for discerning home user. Cineversum ensure every single unit is carefully checked and pre-calibrated for top performance before leaving their laboratory.

The new Blackwing MK2016 series have boosted light output which directly reflects the increasing demand for larger screens and brighter 3D. The three chip LCoS panels support 4k resolution at 3840x2160, HDR and DCI-P3 colour gamut. The ultra quiet Blackwing is housed inside a futuristic deep metallic-black chassis designed by the famed French designer Antoine Béon. The futuristic shape is reminiscent of the Stealth Fighter; hence, the name BlackWing.

Cineversum’s passive 3D option is unique in the residential market and has numerous benefits. The passive 3D glasses are lighter (around 10g), less expensive and more comfortable than the RF glasses. More importantly, the 3D picture quality is spectacularly improved with more brightness, more detail and more colours. Viewers have less dizziness, eyestrain and headaches with passive 3D than they have using active technology and because Cineversum’s passive solution does not require the user to stack two projectors together, they are easy to install and considerably more aesthetically pleasing.

Contact us at the shop for further details.