With the recent demise of Oppo’s playback devices our field was looking a little fallow for premium replacements, until recently. In the next few weeks we will see two models from Pioneer, and a further unit form Panasonic.

Over the past 3-4 years Pioneer have produced some of the best built electronics in the market bar none. Of note were last year’s BDP-LX58 and BDP-LX88 players which to be fair in the realms of Blu Ray playback and build quality had no peers. We should see the first of the new 4K units in the next two weeks and the first model through the door will be the Pioneer UDP-LX500, it will be priced at £999. In October this will also be joined by the Pioneer UDP-LX800 priced at £2,199. Details are a little scant on the higher end unit, but we will add these to the product page as soon as we have them. We are aware that one of the attractive features of the outgoing Oppo models is that they were relatively easy to make Multi Region for DVD & Multi Zone for Blu Ray. This is something we hope to address with the Pioneer players over time, again this will be added to the product pages and the news section of the website should we have success.

Around this time the new premium Panasonic DP-UB9000 will arrive priced at £899, slightly under the RRP of the Pioneer units. This promises all the usual features along with a clever tone mapping facility for HDR, this will be very useful for projector based HDR systems which have lower lumens than LCD & OLED displays. It should equate to a significant upgrade in picture quality for most if not all UHD/HDR projection systems, particularly with those early release 4K UHD disks with static HDR10 metadata.

Links to the new players are below and we are accepting Pre-Orders for the new units on a first come first served basis.