There are a lot of pretenders to the throne, and many competitors recently seem to think that if they shout loud enough at customers they will believe what they say, even if they are wrong. The Trinnov is truly the most adaptable, up-gradable and future proof piece of equipment ive ever seen, and I dont use that word lightly. When its competitors are out dated, the Trinnov platform will still be pioneering the cutting edge of what is possible in home cinema.

I've not had the opportunity to try this app out yet, but it seems to be a sign of things to come this year what with the upgrade to DTS-X Pro later in the year. This new Mac OS App lets you discover all Trinnov machines currently on your network. From it you can execute basic essential functions from saving and loading presets to control volume or dim and mute. As well no more need of VNC you can now directly access the User Interface of your machine(s) to perform a new set-up or calibration.