Our B&W Nautilus x Trinnov event proved very popular with clients travelling from as far as Bratislava to hear the unique and unusual combination of the Trinnov Magnitude, Trinnov Amplitude 8 & The B&W Nautilus. With around 60 people over the three days it was a pleasure to let everyone hear something that less than 1000 people have actually heard in the UK since their inception.

One of the most eye opening customers who demonstrated the system was the drummer from the band "The Miracle Glass Company". A local band from Edinburgh with reasonable international acclaim. He actually came in a bit under the radar, as I totally dint recognise him. It turns out the track he ended up playing on Tidal was the bands new single, which he also produced. This put him in the unique position of listener, artist and producer, so he was in an excellent position to judge the merits of what the Trinnov was trying to do in conjunction with the Nautilus speakers.

The B&W Nautilus speakers need no introduction and spawned pretty much every trickle down product from B&W for decades, it was great to hear a 20 year design totally stand up to scrutiny and they performed magnificently over the three days.

The Trinnov demonstration was literally night and day, from the touch of a button. The Trinnov is uniquely able to to tell the difference between direct sound and indirect reflected sound, so you can literally turn off the negative acoustic effects of the room. Also, its ability to understand the natural character of the speaker and not adjust this, maintains the phrasing of the speaker much to the typical audiophiles delight. After all if you've bought a set of big Harbeth's, you want them to sound like Harbeth's! Overall, programmed correctly, it is by far the most sympathetic, accurate, room and speaker optimisation system on the market bar none. 

I'd like to say a massive thanks to Tom & Ian from Trinnov, Jonathan from B&W, Lawrence Dickie from Vivid, all the staff at HiFi Corner and finally all of the customers who attended for making the event such a success.

We have secured the Nautilus and Trinnov kit for another two weeks should any one who missed out wish to come and have a critical listen of the system in their own time. We also have a Trinnov ST2 available for home demonstration should you wish to hear how sympathetic room optimisation can transform your Hi-Fi system in your own home.