JVC’s new range is finally here, consisting of three D-ILA projectors adopting the newest Native 4K D-ILA resolution. The top of the range DLA-NX9 will be the world’s first 8K e-shift home theater projector, along with two Native 4K UHD models.

The DLA-N7 & DLA-N5 along with the DLA-NX9 are all planned for release from late October 2018.

The DLA-NX9 with its 8K e-shift technology together with its 100mm diameter high resolution glass lens will offer UHD e-shifted 8K images with a much higher resolution than 4K that rival reality even on the largest screens. In addition, the DLA-N7 & DLA-N5 incorporates JVC’s latest 4K D-ILA device and 65mm diameter glass lens to reproduce smooth, detailed 4K imagery significantly improving on past years performance