HOODY 5 Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood

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HOODY 5 Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood

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HOODY™·5 Ceiling Speaker Fire and Acoustic Hood for 3″ to 5″ Speakers (180 x 145mm) meets all these UK building and IEE Regulations. Hoody™ is especially designed for in-ceiling speakers and features a fire rating of up to 66 minutes, is Parts B,L,C and E compliant and covers all makes of speakers from 3″ to 5″ designs.

HOODY™ is a range of Fire and Acoustic speaker hoods that will bring all your installations into conformity with the latest IEE and Building Regulations for Fire and Acoustic integrity of ceilings. The regulations state that once a hole has been made in the ceiling for a speaker, the integrity of its construction and its ability to perform in a fire is significantly reduced.

HOODY™, due to it acoustic construction will also stop a large amount of backwards sound leakage from the speakers to the rooms above its location, making in-ceiling speaker installation below a child’s bedroom, for example achievable.

We suggest an Acoustic Fire hood is fitted to all ceiling speaker locations, but it is a requirement that hoods are fitted to all in-ceiling speakers that are installed where a ceiling is rated for 30 mins or more to ensure compliance.

If you are unsure, be safe… always fit a hood.

For example, a standard two storey house will require all the ground floor speaker locations to have hoods fitted to retain the ceilings 30 minute fire integrity. If a house has three storeys you will need hoods fitted on the ground and first floor to correctly comply with the regulations.


HOODY 5 Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood

Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void and retains ceiling’s fire protection integrity
Reduces speaker sound traveling to floor above
Acoustic rated for compliance with document L of the building regulations
Lightweight & flexible cover can be fitted from below or above the ceiling
Installed in seconds and Maintenance free
Can be used for retro fit or new build installations
Can be used in suspended or plasterboard ceilings
Fully meets UK building Regulations BS476 Part 23 relating to audio and fire dispersion in the home Parts E & F – 2004
Tested to EN 6069 (1997)

HOODY 5 Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood

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